Calibration Resistor Series 1240

The calibration resistors series 1240 can be used for reliable ohmmeter calibration. A test certificate according to ISO 9000 with detailed technical data is included in the scope of delivery of these high-quality calibration resistors.

Optionally the delivery with a DKD / DAkkS Calibration Certificate according ISO 17025 is possible at extra cost.

Download Data Sheet Calibration Resistor Series 1240

KELVIN Test Tongs Series 2386

These test tongs are used for the 4 wire measurement of ohmic resistances on dispatch-ready cable drums. The 4 wire contacting of conductor cross-sections up to 1000 mm2, option 2400 mm2 (ø 55mm) is possible.

The fitted measurement leads are 10 m long with 4 banana plugs on its end.

Download Data Sheet KELVIN Test Tongs

Calibration Standard bars

The calibration Standard bars can be used for a reliable calibration of the measuring chain with the clamping device. They are delivered with a DKD / DAkkS Calibration Certificate according ISO 17025. Different materials are available at your choice to match your requirements: Manganin, Copper and Aluminum.



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